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About Box Mania


Box Mania is different from traditional kickboxing. It is power punching and kicking interval training work out that includes plyometrics as well. Box Mania has great appeal to men and women as well as all ages. From 20 year old guy athletes to 75 old year ladies will be challenged with this workout with the modifications that I offer. It is not a music driven , no choreography, its a system of building boxing combos, punching drills and plyometric work. Box Mania is excellent for personal training and group exercise. It is a fantastic off season conditioning workout for sport teams too.


BOX MANIA 1 with creator KATRINA SHAW from Katrina Shaw 

Box Mania fitness, see www.boxmaniafitness.com for training info, AFAA provider from Katrina Shaw 
Box Mania kickin it 2015 from Katrina Shaw.

Box Mania fitness from Katrina Shaw