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What Our Clients Say...


Box Mania helped me tremendously over this past year, and I was really excited to learn from my instructor Bernie that you were offering a Box Mania Boot Camp certification training.  I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you and join such a great and elite group of individuals following your lead.  Box Mania Boot Camp was so much more than I expected!  I love that there are so many options where we can offer as low or as high an intensity workout, as an intro to Box Mania and where we can help and challenge individuals of varying fitness levels to achieve their goals, gain strength and confidence...all in a fun energized and compressed routine!! The best part, is knowing that we can modify and take it up a notch, even to a 60 minute workout, by adding more elements from your exercise menu or adding one of many options such as weight training and cardio...Katrina, thank you for developing and sharing such an effective and flexible program!  Being able to modify, build on and keep the workout fresh, fun and exciting what more could we ask for!  I'm looking forward to helping others as well as taking your Box Mania 1 & 2 certification classes.  I highly recommended your program for fitness professionals, instructors and personal trainers alike.  Thanks to you and Bernie for helping me on my journey, looking forward to motivating others and sharing success stories with you!

Lindy Hayes

I started out with Box Mania as a way to take advantage of the two free hours of childcare...It was my time to find my sanity as a young mom and an Army wife.  Box Mania is what helped me get through those times.  Now I am a Box Mania instructor and I love it!

Michelle Gilmore

I walked into my first Box Mania in 2010 led by Marla Reid.  I had never participated in a boxing class where you hit a target.  I WAS HOOKED! I have always exercised but nothing I did changed my body like boxing.  Marla encouraged me to get certified and so began my journey as a Box Mania instructor. It's easy to share and encourage others to participate in a program you have a passion for!  Thanks Katrina Shaw for creating Box Mania!!


"Since I started my fitness training with Katrina my waist is 7 inches smaller and I am in better shape than I have been in years.  Katrina keeps me motivated, makes it fun and has a sincere interest in helping me stay motivated to meet my fitness goals.  I could keep going......


I had the opportunity to meet Katrina during an SCW fitness conference in Atlanta 2 years ago.  I signed up for her Box Mania class not really knowing what to expect.  Needless to say this class went above and beyond any workout I have ever experienced. After the class was over I signed up for a second session later that night. I fell in love with this workout and as a group fitness instructor I wanted to bring Box Mania back to my students. I have been teaching Box Mania two nights a week for a year now and not only has this class given my students a great workout but they exude strength and confidence as well.  Thank you Katrina for having the insight and the courage to create such an empowering workout!